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As an added incentive when you hire an apprentice, you’ll be entitled to up to


Which you can use towards the cost of training your new employee
*depending on start date, age and whether they have an Education Health Care Plan*

Which you can use towards the cost of training your new employee
*depending on start date, age and whether they have an Education Health Care Plan*

Step-by-Step Guide on How Apprenticeships Actually Work.

Selection and Recruitment

You can recruit an apprentice of any age from within your organisation or you can
recruit someone externally. If you need to recruit someone externally, we can
support you with this process.

Enrolment process

Once you have selected your apprentice both you and the apprentice need to complete the application form and sign the commitment statement. We will support you with
ensuring that the apprenticeship meets the ESFA guidelines.

On programme

Once you’ve signed up, we will meet with you and the apprentice to go through the programme in more detail. The apprentice will combine ‘real’ work in a real job with a range of training activities including taught sessions, research, writing assignments and reflective statements, shadowing experienced colleagues and other off-the-job training as well as regular (10-12 week) review meetings


As the apprentice nears completion of their time on their Apprenticeship, they enter into the ‘gateway’ phase. This is the transition between formal training and the assessment process known as ‘End Point Assessment’.

End-Point Assessment

This is a robust method of assuring quality in the apprenticeship system. It replaces the old model of continuous assessment. There are many different ways that assessment takes place. The tutor will explain the approach used for your Apprentice.


Once your apprentice successfully completes their Apprenticeship and End Point
Assessment, they will receive a certificate of completion.


We will work with you to understand future development opportunities and introduce you and your apprentice to further Apprenticeship programmes that may be of interest

Workforce development Fund

The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) is funding from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) distributed by Skills for Care. This funding can be accessed only by the adult social care sector. It allows you to claim back money towards the costs of workers completing a broad range of adult social care qualifications, learning programmes and digital learning modules.

Our Staff are on hand to assist with applying and claiming the WDF funding.

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